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The AstroTarp


"Your scope’s first line of defense against the elements."


How many times have you been outside, enjoying the night sky and time just seems to slip away. You realize it’s very late, (or very early if you’re like myself,) and suddenly, you‘re very tired?

You really don’t feel like packing everything up, stowing everything away, lugging it all back in the house or storage shed, tripping over the threshold, bumping your “pride and joy,” against the doorframe. You would really much rather like to just go in and go to bed.

Well now you can, with AstroTarp.

Made with durable moisture resistant and UV resistant materials, it gives you the advantage over the elements, keeping your scope safe, dry and protected from the sun, allowing you to further enjoy your observing or imaging sessions.

Wether you are at home in your backyard, or out in the field at a dark sky location. Setting your equipment up early in bright sunlight to prepare for a night’s session, or getting ready to catch that once in a lifetime solar eclipse…

Your scope needs protection against little ole’ “Mother Nature.”



AstroTarp Details



AstroTarp consists of an aluminum foil outer skin backed by polyethylene, two layers of insulating bubble airspace, all combined with additional center layer of polyethylene to provide a strong durable multi-layer of environmental protection.

* Can be used in environments with a temperature range between -60F to 180F

* Reflects 96% of radiant energy

* UV resistant

* Moisture and humidity resistant

* Helps control condensation

* Durable and lightweight

* Does not compress, collapse or disintegrate

* Does not promote mold or mildew

* Is fire retardant, it has an A/class fire rating

* Inhibits infestation of insects and rodents

* Environmentally safe



The grommets are nickel or stainless steel, staked in the outer binding which provide multiple strong safe anchoring points for securing your AstroTarp, should there be inclement weather.




All AstroTarp products are warranteed for the period of one year against flaws in craftsmanship and/or any defects in materials. In the event this should occur, simply return it, (proof of purchase necessary) for repair or replacement.  Replacement products are warranteed through the end warranty date of the original proof of purchase. You will be responsible for ship-to charges, no charge for return shipping.

AstroTarp products are NOT warranteed against normal use or wear and tear.  AstroTarp is NOT liable for any damage sustained during inclement weather to this product, or equipment therein.




Should you have made a mistake in ordering the correct size for your application, you will have fourteen days from the date your item was shipped in which to notify AstroTarp. You may return the item for replacement only, and will be responsible for shipping both ways.

Please be diligent in your measurements, or send a picture of your telescope set-up.  Don't hesitate to ask questions and if you are in doubt, contact me and I will be happy to assist you in your choice of any AstroTarp product.



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