About the Images

DATE/TIME:  First image, (mono) taken on the evening of Febuary 6th 2009.  The second image, (RGB) taken on the evening of February 26th, 2012.

CAMERA:  Imaging Source video cam DMK21au04.

FILTERS:  Baader planetarium RGB.

TELESCOPE:  Celestron C9.25 (235mm) SCT @ F/25.

BARLOW:  2.5x Telvue powermate.

SOFTWARE:  Registax, Photoshop CS3.



Average distance from the Sun, 67.2 million miles.

Average distance from Earth, 25.8 million miles.

Rotation period, (days) 243 Earth days.

Orbital period, (year) 224.7 Earth days,

Diameter, 7,521 miles.

Gravity , 100 Earth pounds = 91 pounds on Venus.

Though Venus lies more than twice the distance from the sun as Mercury, Venus is almost 100 degrees F hotter. Beneath a blanket of sulfuric acid clouds, a carbon dioxide atmosphere holds solar energy with scorching efficiency. Massive volcanoes, some currently active, tower on it’s surface.




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