The above images were taken on September 19th 2011, through a Celestron 235mm SCT, using a Imaging Source videocam, a 2.5x Televue powermate, and Baader RGB filters.  The larger images are up-sized 30%.



Average distance from the Sun:  1.8 billion miles.

Rotation Period (day):  17.2 hrs.

Orbital Period (year):  84 Earth years.

Diameter:  31, 764 miles.

Gravity:  100 Earth pounds = 86 pounds on Uranus.

Number of Moons:  27

    Uranus was first discovered March 13th, 1781 by William Herschel.  Uranus's atmosphere contains a high concentration of methane gas which gives it it's blue appearance.  The planet spins on a 98 degree axis as opposed to the rest of the planets which spin similiar to tops, Uranus however rolls around it's solar orbit like a ball.



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