About the Image

In this image Saturn is pictured with the "rings" nearly edge on.


DATE/TIME:  The evening of May 18th 2009.

CAMERA:  Imaging Source video cam DMK21au04.

TELESCOPE:  Celestron C9.25 (235mm) SCT @ F/25.

BARLOW:  2.5x Telvue powermate.

SOFTWARE:  Registax, Photoshop CS3.



Average distance from the Sun, 885.9 million miles.

Average distance from Earth, 792.9 million miles.

Rotation period, (day) 10.7 hours.

Orbital period, (year) 29.5 Earth years.

Diameter, 74,898 miles.

Gravity, 100 Earth pounds = 106 pounds on Saturn.

Moons, 56.

Saturn is probably the most awe inspiring planet in our solar system. It’s elaborate ring system reaches 165,000 miles in diameter, and averages only 150 feet thick. Saturn’s rapid planetary rotation flattens the planet by about 10% at it’s poles, making it the most oblate planet in the solar system.





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