Prior to the partial solar eclipse which occured on October 23rd, 2014, I was able to capture this four-frame image of the Sun.  This huge sunspot is approximately 10 Earth diameters in width and is the largest sunspot to occur in over 24 years.



TELESCOPE:  Orion 70mm achromatic refractor @ F/5.

MOUNT:  Celestron CG-5 ASGT.

CAMERA:  Imaging Source video cam DMK21au618.

FILTERS:  Baader Planetarium Red filter, and an Orion glass solar filter.

SOFTWARE:  Registax V6, Photoshop CS3.





In the late afternoon on October 23rd, I was lucky enough to capture this one image of a partial solar eclipse.  About the time the eclipse was supposed to begin, thick cloud cover slowly creeped in.  This image was shot at about 5:30pm when a very small break in the clouds appeared.  Definitely a window of opportunity.



CAMERA:  Canon 450D

LENS:  Canon 55-250mm @ 250mm F/5.6

FILTER:  Baader planetarium solar film.

SETTINGS:  ISO 400, 1/800th second.



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