The above image was taken on August 25th 2012, through a Celestron 235mm SCT, using a Imaging Source videocam, a 2.5x Televue powermate, and Baader RGB filters.  The larger image is up-sized 30%.



Average distance from the Sun:  2.8 billion miles.

Approximate distance from Earth at opposition:  2 billion, 707 million miles.

Rotation Period (day):  16.1 hrs.

Orbital Period (year):  164.8 Earth years.

Diameter:  30, 776 miles.

Gravity:  100 Earth pounds = 110 pounds on Neptune.

Number of Moons:  3

Neptune is currently the most distant planet from the Sun.  It's diameter is about 4 times that of the Earth making it the 4th largest planet in our solar system.  It's position was first predicted by Adams and Leverrier in 1845. 

The bluish color of Neptune is caused by a high concentration of methane gas in the atmosphere, which absorbs red light, leaving the other wavelenghts widely scattered.



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