Moon 10 frame Mosaic

10 frmae moon mosaic


This is a 10 frame mosaic image of the Moon.  You can really bring out the detail combining smaller images into one large one.



DATE/TIME:  June 20th 2008.

CAMERA:  Imaging Source video cam, DMK21au 04.

TELESCOPE:  My Celestron 80mm guidescope riding piggy-back on the C9.25, @ F/15

BARLOW:  2.5x Telvue powermate.

PROCESSING:  Registax, Photoshop CS3.

Moon 18 frame Mosaic



This is a 18 frame mosaic of the Moon.  This was my second attempt to get "the whole thing."  Looks as if there will be a third attempt...


DATE/TIME:  August 12th 2011.

CAMERA:  Imaging Source video cam, DMK21au 04.  Shot @ 30fps, stacked best 200/1000 for each frame.

TELESCOPE:  Orion 100ED @ F/9

PROCESSING:  Registax V6.





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