Imperial Moth

Just after dark one evening, I was outside and saw something that I couldn't decide whether it was a bat, or a hummingbird.  It was working over my wife's 'Surprise Lily' flower, but took off before I could grab a light and have a better look.  It struck me as odd as I have never seen a bat getting nectar (the ones that do are not indigenous to my area,) nor have I ever seen a hummingbird feeding after it was dark. It wound up being neither...

A couple of afternoons later I saw a 'Cardinal' having a fit several away in the yard and there was something large fluttering on the ground.  I went over to see what the commotion was about and discovered what it was that I had seen the other evening.  I picked this little feller up (actually a 'lass' as it's a female, males are more brown in color,) and temporarily saved her. At least long enough for a few images.

Imperial moths only live for about a week and the wingspan on this one was about 5 inches (13cm.)  Quite beautiful.



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