Crater Dionysius (18km) Crater Cayley (14km) Crater De Morgan (10km) Crater Whewell (14km) Crater Godin (35km) Godin A Godin B Crater Agrippa (46km) Crater Silberschlag (13km) Rima Ariadaeus Rima Ariadaeus


This is an image of the Sinus Aestuum area of the moon.  You can move your cursor over the various features in this image for more information..



DATE/TIME:The evening of May 12th 2008.

CAMERA:  Imaging Source video cam, DMK21au04.

TELESCOPE:  Orion 100mm ED refractor @ F/45.

BARLOW:  5x Telvue powermate.

PROCESSING:  Registax, Photosop CS3.




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